Prognosys Medical Systems

Prognosys Medical Systems and Prognosys Healthcare

Year of investment2014

A Medical Imaging and Telehealth Products and Solutions Company

Prognosys Medical Systems is a US FDA and CE certified designer and manufacturer of high-end medical device technologies for applications in the fields of radiology and imaging solutions. Its business operations range from High-frequency X-ray, Digital Radiography System, C-Arm, Tele-Radiology, Telemedicine, Home Health, and M-health Solutions and accessories like Automatic Film Processors.

Featuring Kaizen Philosophy, GMP and Quality efficiency and equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure to build radiology and fluoroscopy solutions, design, R&D, testing and assembly zones, its ProRad™ range offers diverse solutions in floor mounted and ceiling suspended systems both in single and dual detector options.

ProRad™ offers greater mobility for bedside radiology through its mobile systems, both in-line powered and battery operated options. Taking a giant leap of faith in its superior imaging solutions and mechanical efficiency, ProRad™ premium range of C arms offering options in high resolution camera options were launched for Orthopaedic, Urology and Gastroenterology OT procedures to assist surgeons with better visual perspectives. It has also worked with World Bank for deploying digital radiography systems.

Carve-out Created: Prognosys Healthcare

A Tele-Medicine Solutions’ Company

Prognosys Healthcare provides tools that integrate the medical devices with cloud-based technologies. Solutions provided include M-health, E-pathology, E-OPD, E-clinic, Kiosk, telemedicine, tele-ophthalmology and others. By integrating Medical devices to a cloud based platform, the interconnected and interoperable system is capable of aggregating patient health data into a very meaningful, comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR), adding a totally different paradigm in providing relevant information to the healthcare provider.

M-health is a mobile-based solution to improve health outcomes through the delivery of innovative medical and health services with information and communication technologies. E-pathology, a digital lab solution helps the integration between the lab and the EMR. E-OPD Portal facilitates online appointments with various departments of different hospitals using identities like eKYC data of Aadhaar.

Prognosys has worked with Government of India (ISRO, Railways, and Defence) organizations to develop and deploy Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare solutions to large state-wide networks.

ESG & Impact

The company is in the business of manufacturing high quality affordable US FDA and CE Marked digital radiology platform systems and has the largest installed base of digital systems in the government sector in India. It is also active in the private sector especially in tier II markets and in emerging markets’ exports. It integrates technologies, thereby reducing the costs of the radiology systems significantly and making it possible for Indian hospitals to invest in these platforms. These products fall in the value segments or affordable products segments, ideally suited for lower tier towns across India.

It also has a tele-medicine arm which supports state government departments in their quest to extend their government delivered healthcare through the use of communications technology into rural settings. The company has partnered with public sector organisations for jointly taking advantage of emerging opportunities in AI based Medical Health & Diagnostic Systems on High Mobility Platforms for Military applications to help in faster diagnosis of the wounded soldiers at remote locations.